Ooh hello


I’m Aniek Bartels, an illustrator and maker of things who open the doors to the enchanting world of children! I believe that children are the future generations who will inherit the world. By guiding them towards personal growth, fostering their love for nature, promoting sustainability, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, I aim to help them become responsible and caring adults who can have a positive influence on the world around them. This is where my magical translation art comes into play.

In my perspective, illustrations have the power to stimulate children’s imagination and invite them to interact and explore. With a touch of humor, vibrant colors, and a deep understanding of the world of children, I strive to build a bridge between the adult world and the wondrous imagination of children. Through my illustrations, I provide a simple way to express complex feelings.

Where play meets practical

There’s play, and then there’s practical, and I like to work in the happy middle ground where these two meet. My designs are made with a purpose, come with a message, but still remain playful and uplifting. An average day will find me using watercolours, pencils, markers, all kinds of paper, or clay-whatever it takes to hit the right emotions. Sometimes subtle jokes and tongue-in-cheek references find their way into my designs, because why take life too seriously? Even the heaviest subjects can benefit from a playful approach.

Doing good . going green

Did you notice a lot of animals in my work? That’s because I love them, and nature, and our gorgeous planet earth. In my own daily life, I try to live as consciously as possible, and enjoy working with brands that share my green goals. This could mean developing eco-friendly products, but also products and projects that raise awareness and make a difference.