Design your MRI-experience

Philips Museum


The Philips Museum and I have joined forces to enchant children aged 6 to 10 with a step into the fascinating world of MRI scans!

An MRI scan is an extraordinary experience full of possibilities. Our innovative concept challenges children to reflect on their personal sense of calm and encourages them to discover that technology is not scary, but can be a potential path to their future career.

In today’s hectic times, children are constantly exposed to stimuli, so lying still in the scanner can be challenging. We want children to experience that they have the power to meet this challenge. Through a log of stimulating questions and exercises, we inspire them to think about what makes them feel calm. They get to work drawing their ideal environment. And then comes the magic moment: their drawings are projected in space.

In this spectacular way, we involve children in this ingenious invention and show that technology can evoke wonder. It offers children the chance to shape their own future. By creating their own ideal environment, they discover that they can influence their world.
Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in which children learn not only about MRI scans, but also about themselves and the endless possibilities that technology offers.
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